Druids Cricket Club is a purely social cricket club that plays friendlies in and around Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Founded in 1915 (meaning we’re celebrating our Centenary in 2015), we are purposefully nomadic, meaning that we have no home ground. If we do have a home, then it’s The Coach & Horses, Harrogate, where you’ll almost always find a Druid.

Though we are a social cricket club in the true sense of the word and only play friendlies, we are also a competitive bunch and do play to win. But we don’t do so at the expense of the best traditions and spirit of the game, which we seek to maintain and uphold at all times. We welcome players of literally all abilities, but things you do need in order to play for us include a very good sense of humour (believe us, you’ll need it), a love of proper pubs and a commitment to fair play – therefore, it doesn’t matter if you bat like Phil Tufnell or bowl like a drain, just so long as you’re a good sort.

We’re fortunate enough to play at some of the most picturesque grounds in Yorkshire, including Thorp Perrow, Thornton Watlass and Bolton Abbey, and always welcome families and friends of the club to come along and watch.

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